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Bear Processing Price Listttt

Guaranteed your own meat back

Product Name  
Bear cutting and wrapping 0 - 300# hanging weight 99.00
Bear cutting and wrapping 301 - 600# hanging weight 119.00
Skinning bear (skin for half mount) 39.00
Added Beef for Grinding (80% lean) 3.49
Added Pork for Grinding (80% lean) 2.59

We will cool your animal for $10.00 for the first day and $5.00 per day there after.


Product Name Price / lb.
With Our Trim
Bacon 3.49
Jalapeno Bacon ( 6 lbs Minimum) 3.99
Bratwurst 3.09
Bratwurst (Jal, Pepper cheese, Garlic, Sauerkraut) 3.79
Bulk Sausage (Italian, Brat, Breakfast) 2.89
Dried & Shaved Whole Muscle (Finished weight will be 50% less) 2.89
Farmer Sausage (Coarse ground and cold smoked)(18 lb Minimum) 4.99
Grinding .75
Grinding & Tubing .95
Mild Snack Sticks 4.25
Mild Snack Sticks (Jalapeno, chz, hot) 4.75
Natural Casing Wieners 3.99
Natural Casing Wieners w/ cheddar cheese 4.49
Patties (10lb. Boxes) 1.25
Polish Sausage Fresh 3.09
Polish Sausage Smoked 3.49
Pork Links (breakfast links) 3.99
Ring Bologna 3.15
Ring Bologna w/Jalapeno Summer Sausage (9 lbs Minimum) 3.75
Summer Sausage (9 lbs Minimum) 3.45
Summer Sausage w/cheese, Japapeno (9 lbs Minimum) 3.95


All products will be returned vacuum sealed & frozen, unless specified. Links and Brats will be double wrapped with freezer paper. Summer Sausage will be packaged in half sticks, unless specified. Packages will be done in 1-1 ½# packages. Any order that is not packaged to these condition’s MUST be picked up within 2 days. All prices are billed upon final weights. Thank You and Happy Hunting from all your friends at MEATSKI’S.

Big Game Registration and licenses are available on site.

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Store Hours:
Mon.-Sun.: 5:30 am - 8 pm

Meat Pick Up Hours:
Mon.-Fri.: 8 am - 4 pm
Sat.: 8 am - Noon

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