Hog Packages

See our Hog Packages available in our Store.

Beef Packages

See our Beef Packages available in our Store.

Homemade Sausage

In addition to five delicous flavors of summer sausage, we also offer a Sausage Package with 25.5 lbs. of assorted wieners, polish sausage, bologna, beef sticks, breakfast links, brats and summer sausage.

Specialty Meat Boxes

See our Specialty Meat Boxes available in our Store.

Snack Sticks

Our handmade snack sticks are made with our own stick seasoning, are available in 7 flavors, and come packed in two 5 oz. packs with 6 sticks each.


Our Double Smoked Bacon is thick sliced lean bacon double-smoked with hickory wood pellets. Great for anything you'd like to flavor with smoked bacon!


Our beef jerky is made of high quality lean beef, then is marinated in a variety of spices and sauces for the desired flavor, then it is Hickory smoked to perfection. The result is the best beef jerky you'll ever taste, with a LONG shelf life because it does NOT need to be refrigerated!

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